The Tobago Heritage Festival has a period of two weeks. This celebration preserves what Tobago is all about its unique cultural heritage, it, however, attracts thousands as the celebrate as communities.

It all started in 1987 as the main event on the Tobago’s cultural calendar this event is accepted and considered that of Heritage Festival is to Tobago and Carnival is to Trinidad.

During these timely celebration tourists and most Tobagonians return to this island visiting the friendly villages and experiencing the way of life, oral traditions of the languages, cultures, folk dances, music, environment, and local cuisine.

Presentations such as the Ole time Tobago Wedding in Moriah (18th-century wedding) Folk Tales and Superstitions in Golden Lane & LesCoteaux another segment Games they use to play, the Belmanna Riots and much more events are held every evening in different villages around Tobago.

These events are supported by the Tobago House of Assembly & the Tobago Heritage Festival Subcommittee.