Easter Celebrations

Tobago’s official holidays for Easter is only on Friday & Monday whilst Easter Tuesday is not the day for work in Tobago. Everyone heads over to Buccoo for the Annual Family Day with Goat and Crab races which had started over 80 years ago.

Goat Race

Watch the goats race on 110 meters tracks constructed for this activity with jockeys who sprint behind guiding that at the end of long ropes. These goats or we can call them athletes have special diets ( oats. pigeon peas for iron and vitamins some do more ) also to build their stamina a regiment of training by swimming would be done. On the day of the race, these athletes step out in their colorful coats like Arab Stallions.

Crab Race

All jockeys use a short length of string to guide the arthropod towards the finish line. The crabs are rewarded for their performance then sideways effort is made with the conclusion one of Tobago’s best dish ‘Crab n Dumpling’